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Every game server is well protected by our advanced and reliable firewall.

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No slot limitation
Many mods

You want to play with as many players as you like? No problem. Whether 2 or 200 players, you decide for free. We also have hundreds of mods that can be installed on the server with a simple click.

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We host exclusively on the newest and powerful servers, which are optimized for gameservers.

How much memory does a Minecraft game server need?

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is an open-world game without a fixed game objective. The main focus is on the exploration and discovery of the game world, which is full of caves and dungeons, as well as the construction of your own buildings and devices.
The player can mine raw materials, process them into other items and fight monsters. Minecraft is played from the ego perspective by default, but with the option to switch to the third-person perspective. The player can move freely in the Minecraft game world. The game world of Minecraft is generated procedurally and is, in the Java-Edition, practically infinite.
These consist mainly of cube-shaped blocks of one virtual meter side length, arranged according to a grid. The blocks each consist of one material, such as earth, wood or various ores.
Nearly all blocks are mineable and can be added to the inventory. They can be deposited almost anywhere in the world. Blocks can also be combined in different variations and thus enable the construction of tools, weapons and armor, among other things. Combining items is a central aspect of Minecraft and is called crafting. The basic materials must be arranged in a crafting field according to a certain pattern in order to create a specific item. For example, a chest can be made from an O-shaped pattern of wood.

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Anker43.de Features

No slot limit, you decide how many people can play on your server and that for free!

Full cost control through prepaid. No more desire for the game server? Then simply let the gameserver expire.

Easy configuration of all settings in the web interface and for experts unlimited access to the configuration files.

fast, competent and friendly support from the admin directly, whether via discord, ticket or e-mail.

Simple user administration, the gamepanel developed by us offers everything you need to control a game server without knowledge.

Fail-safe server hardware that runs exclusively with fast NVMe SSDs instead of cheap desktop hardware.

10Gbit uplink per server ensures low ping and optimal connection to the Internet

Top up credit safely and conveniently


Our technic

We only use the most modern hardware, which is optimized for the use as a gameserver. The current series consists of thread rippers on server boards, 256 GB DDR4 Ram and very fast NVMe SSDs and a 10 Gbit uplink. This not only allows lag-free gaming, but also handles all tasks without effort. No matter if the game server creates a backup or is started, it happens in an instant. Furthermore, we only use green electricity, which is generated from renewable sources like wind or water.